Saturday, July 11, 2015

Imitating a Great Man

What kind of person would you like to imitate? One who is compassionate, approachable, unselfish, forgiving, prayerful, zealous, humble, patient? Sounds like a delightful and refreshing personality, right? Does there exist a man who has all these appealing qualities? Have you heard of the greatest man who has ever lived? Indeed, he has all these pleasant qualities and many more, which make him worth-imitating. He is perfect, yet it's possible for imperfect humans to imitate him.

Our 3-day convention this year has the theme Imitate Jesus, which is being held worldwide in selected cities and dates. The program highlights the significant events in Jesus' life and the practical ways to imitate him today. The special Bible discourse is entitled Jesus Christ, World Conqueror - How and When? Those who are interested to attend can find the invitation, program schedules, dates, location and languages  HERE. I assure that this is such a very enlightening and spirit-lifting convention!

The Scandinavian English Regional Convention took place in Oslo, Norway in June 26-28. Sure, hubby and I wouldn't want to miss this big event, like all those who want to imitate the greatest man who ever lived. The 10-hour drive from our city to Oslo in no way hindered us to go there. I took an 8-day leave from work so we also had time to relax later.

We started out June 24, stopped by a camping site in Furudal, Dalarna for a night.

The following day, we proceeded to Oslo and straight to our pre-booked lodging in a camping site where many fellow delegates from different countries were accomodated. Some of them are my friends, and we had the chance to grill and dine together in one of those picnic tables in the camping area.

The convention program consisted of public talks, theatrical drama productions, interviews, demonstrations, video clips, new publication releases and, of course, a lot of singing. The life of Jesus has been examined minutely, each detail brought to light to help us understand how we can apply and thus benefit from everything he said and did. Such scrutiny facilitates our desire to imitate him.

"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me
for I am mild-tempered and lowly in heart, 
and you will find refreshment for yourselves." 
Matthew 11:29

I'm not going to divulge the amazingly illuminating points brought out at this convention so as not to spoil the excitement and surprises that await those who haven't attended yet. But I guarantee that it's worth all the time, effort and resources to be there.

Among the many good things that such convention brings are the wonderful feeling of being a part of a loving brotherhood made up of diverse races, meeting new friends and being reunited with old friends from other places. Everyone enjoys the wholesome association in a peaceful and joyful environment, where each one strives to imitate the greatest man who ever lived.

The weekend after the English convention in Oslo, another convention took place in our capital city, Stockholm (in Friends Arena), which is wider in scope. It's a regional convention for the whole Scandinavia - Sweden, Denmark, Norway + Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Island, with their respective languages in the talks. Total attendance there was around 50,000, all of them willing to imitate this great man.

I believe that if all of us try to examine thouroughly the life of Jesus, let the knowledge sink and dwell in our heart, then do our best to imitate him,  this world will find the real peace and unity that keep eluding mankind.

"Now may the God who supplies endurance and comfort 
grant you to have among yourselves 
the same mental attitude that Christ Jesus had." 
Romans 15:5

Isn't it amazing that we have all these well-prepared conventions to help us develop good qualities and rejuvenate us spiritually? My heart is overflowing with gratitude for this divine provision!

Have a great weekend!

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