Monday, July 26, 2010

The Everchanging Summer Landscapes

Since the onset of summer, I've been constantly fascinated by the changes in the landscapes throughout the city. I have never imagined that the whole tracts of green grass brought about by spring would subsequently metamorphose into several colors throughout the summer season. After dominating the grounds in the spring time, the golden dandelions gave way to other wildflowers to unfurl their colorful carpets in summer.

First came the white delicate cow parsely,

The  tiny golden butter flowers,

The white and pink clover flowers,

These pink flowers here,

The lupines,

These blue ones,

The wild daisies (or chamomiles?),

And another kind of white flowers.

The ever-changing colors of the landscapes invite me to just walk to my destinations instead of taking the bus. It's my opportunity to be with nature and drink in its refreshing loveliness.

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