Friday, July 9, 2010

Grill Time

In Sweden, people say that summer is not summer without grilling. Every house or apartment unit has a backyard or a porch with a grill standing in one corner and an outdoor dining set. It's not uncommon to see families and friends grilling in their yards and porches and sitting together for a relaxing lunch or dinner, especially during weekends.

Some go to the beaches, lakesides, riversides or woods for picnics, and grilling is always a part of their activities. They grill meat, sausages, marshmallows, burgers, etc.

In some apartment compounds,  grill-feasts are organized, and all tenants throughout the compound are invited to partake of the grilled hamburger and drinks.

There's also this one evening when we had our own grilling time at our little backyard. We invited a friend who would be off to his occasional job in Norway the following day. It was a sunny evening, and yet a little cold and windy. But the wine and the grilled meat kept us warm.

The clover flowers among the grass gave off a sweet-smelling aroma.


It was a fine evening, with the summer sun still up and the sky so blue.

My hubby grilling the "flintastek"

Ready for dinner

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  1. I like this type of life, it gives a sense of good freedom! Greetings, Tommaso