Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where Fairy Tales Come True

Walking provides lots of opportunities for new discoveries. I can see some hidden corners that can be mesmerizing and can give me the feeling of being transported to some fairylands.

Each time I come across such scenes, I would let out a gasp and stare at them in awe, hardly believing the sight before me.

For some, scenes like these may not be so interesting at all. They may be just ordinary places  sans special charm. But for one with an appreciative heart and  a  kaleidoscopic imagination, such places are as wonderful as the settings of some children's fairy tales.

They do exist, not only in stories, but in reality. They take me to an idyllic garden of peace and bliss, away from this world's chaos, away from loneliness, away from sufferings, away from others' malicious and twisted thoughts.

Here is my fairyland where I may be alone but not really alone. I am in the company of nature, which is a good friend. It is where I can commune with God and get rejuvenated.

This is my fairy tale without fairies and pixies. There's only me and my wholesome reflections, God and his lovely creations.

The fairylands I have discovered may disappear one day. But the images have  been preserved by my camera and the tales will keep living in my heart.

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