Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sunny Days

The sun has been shining for many days now and the sky is mostly cloudless during midday. The frosted trees have been relieved of their loads of snow as the gentle warmth of the sun kissed their little twigs. The ground snow is always there, with prismatic ice crystals being constantly formed on the surface, which then produce a profusion of glitters that twinkle on and off as sunlight comes in contact with them.  

A day would usually starts like this,

and later, either of these,

In the afternoon, like two p.m., clouds begin to gather low in the sky as if to escort the sun in its descent to the horizon.

It is often during such hours when I'm still in the middle of my work that the strong "magnetism" of such beauty overpowers me, and I find myself taking a break and give in to the enticement to go out and chase after  such beauty. It's good my Nikon compact camera is always with me, ready to shoot at any moment.

I know that beyond those bare trees lies the entirety of such loveliness, but I wouldn't go that far while I'm working.

After my work, though, I would rush toward the sunset, hoping to catch something in its wake. The sun rushes to go down too, leaving only its afterglow and the thickening clouds over it. Still delightful though.

When I come home, our neighborhood is still bathed in the dimming pastel colors of the sky.

And the moon's silvery face scintillates amid the blueness of the night sky.

What more can I wish for on winter days like these?