Monday, January 14, 2013

Reassessing My Blog Title

This blog has been existing for three years now. And I have been living here for a little over three years. Sure, much has changed, especially with my social life. My circle of friends has expanded.

Sometimes, I wonder if my blog title is still relevant to my present situation.


Wanderings - Unquestionably, I'm still a wanderer, wandering around anywhere near and far. Yes, I still love to travel and to wander. I also keep wandering in space, both outer and inner.

Solitary - Given the many friends, or to be exact, acquaintances, that I have gathered, this word seems outdated. On second thoughts, though, I still go on with my activities solitarily, enjoy doing things that I love to do alone (since I haven't found anyone yet who truly shares my interests),  travel only with my hubby (since my new "friends" are not the type who prefer to travel with others apart from their families and close friends, and they would rather go to overhyped destinations instead of the wild outdoor that we   frequent). And I'm still a solitaire in my own galaxy, where incredible things happen and impossible dreams come true, alone to live it all up. In these senses, I'm still solitary.

Blissful  -  100% fitting! I'm still blissful amidst my solitude, despite the absence of a bosom friend. I find bliss in the things I do, my works, my missions, my hobbies, my limited conversations with the people I work for. I'm ecstatic being with nature and embracing all its gifts.  I'm blissful just to be alive and able to serve our Creator and my fellowmen.

So, I'm going to keep my blog title, and I don't see any reason to alter it, not now, and not even in the future.

My blissful solitary wanderings will go on as long as my life goes on.