Friday, January 18, 2013

Scattering Sunshine

"Scatter Sunshine!" used to be the motto of my bosom friend, and I also came to adopt it as my personal slogan which I intend to keep for as long as I breathe.

Everyday, I've been going about scattering sunshine in many different ways wherever I go. With some simple and sincere gestures, such as smiling, speaking cheerfully and positively, being kind and considerate, giving cards and practical assistance, showing appreciation and gratitude, etc., I can sprinkle sunshine that can make a good impact on anyone who gets sprinkled.

I'm also trying to globalize my scattering through this blog, so that anyone who stumbles upon this will also get a piece of sunshine that everyone deserves.  This is why my blogs focus mostly on positive tones - high spirits, bliss, elation, inspiration, joy, simple pleasure, beauty - all synonymous descriptions.

It's not that I don't have heartaches and adversities at all, sure I also have a share of them. I used to write about tragic and painful experiences, and I enjoyed writing them. I also love reading about tragic stories, personal sufferings and highly melancholic narratives or blogs. But I keep such brooding subjects to my own "consumption" and as a sort of personal catharsis. I opt to write in this blog happy thoughts and feelings instead. But perhaps, once in a while, I will also blog about some pathetic experiences, with lessons learned and hope reborn.

My main concerns, though, are on bright and happy things. I don't mean at all to flaunt or boast about my travels (which are just few and simple), my accomplishments, my optimism and whatever I put here. I don't have that much anyway compared to others. Oh, yes, I have nothing to boast about at all. I just live a simple life, am happy with the little that I have, and blissful with whatever blessings I receive. I blog about them because I truly want others to see what I see (at least vicariously), feel what I feel, get the same joy and inspiration that I get. etc.

So this blog is all about happy times, cheerful thoughts, hopes, inspiration. I'm not insinuating that we'd just leave out any negative thoughts and experiences. Sure, they're always there, but it's also beneficial to learn to sift out the bad ones and keep the ones that can spur us on to have a brighter outlook and definitely a meaningful and satisfying life.

Go ahead...catch your piece of sunshine and pin it to your heart!