Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Little Gastronomic Gathering

Last Sunday, the 12th of May, a lovely couple, Staffan and Maria, welcomed us to their home to enjoy a taste of Ethiopian meal prepared by an Ethiopian friend. I and my hubby had no idea who else were invited, and I got a big surprise to see friends I'm comfortable with.

It was a sunny and semi-warm spring day. A real fine day for a lunch gathering. Our male host, who is very sickly, was also in good shape that day and he warmly escorted us in.

The meal consisted of Injera bread, a traditional Ethiopian bread, along with spicy meat stew and some vegetables. Something new for me. The bread was really fascinating, but the meat was too strong for one who likes only lightly spiced foods, like me. But it was a yummy food. 

Dessert came in the form of different cakes, including a kind of cheesecake with raspberry jam toppings. 

I enjoyed the foods as much as the associations I had with good friends. Such occasion is rare for me here, so whenever someone invites, I seize the opportunity. And when I'm there, I really make the most of it, have much fun and cherish the moment, just as this one new gastronomic experience.

My heartfelt thanks to this loving couple who lovingly arranged for this gathering and to an Ehiopian friend, Genet, for meticulously preparing the foods for us.