Saturday, May 25, 2013


Spring's awakening started some weeks ago, with the popping up of spring bulbs, though the trees were still bare. It was only last week when most trees started to have their little buds shooting up. The grass came out so green.

I particularly followed the growth of the birch trees. (Well, I'm obviously in love with the birch trees too!) From their tiny buds beginning, they spurted to their heart-shaped fan-like leaves in vibrantly yellow-green color. All the leaves exploded in just one day, creating a shower of leaves that glow in the sun. A day after, the foliage thickened in an unbelievable tempo. In just a matter of days, all the birch trees were completely clothed with mature foliage that concealed the branches and twigs that used to stand out. 

What an amazing growth!  The warm sunshine made this possible. Yes, everyday is warm and sunny, at times, too warm that we came to believe that spring and summer are joining forces to bring out the best of the natural world and infuse a lot of sunshine in the hearts of the people. For, indeed, every living thing is basking in the warmth and beauty of these two overlapping seasons.

Even the nights are bright as the sun doesn't sink any deeper than just below the horizon. 

Here are the gifts of spring that I gathered two or three weeks ago. 



pearl hyacinth

pansy, moss, dandelion, etc.

siberian squills



maple buds

anemones and tussilagos

rowan tree buds


pine cones


I know, this post is jammed with pictures, but I just can't help noticing such pretty little things and preserving them through my camera, then storing them here or sharing them to all nature-lovers in the world. Besides, I understand that many out there prefer picture stories to a thousand words. So I let the pictures proclaim the glory of spring.

And let the wonders of spring sing about the majesty of the Greatest Artist who designed all these things.