Friday, May 31, 2013

In The Warmth of Summer

Yes, summer had come! Too early this year. While the spring flowers are still flourishing, summer flowers are rushing to come out in the sun. Both seasonal blossoms fill every garden, flower bed, and the wild open fields. Even the blueberries have blossomed! So much to capture, and not much time to take them all. Would I be able to catch up in preserving all the gifts of this summer?

The sun is also shining everyday, with the temperature of up to around 24 degrees C. It's been said that this is the warmest summer here since 1860. The heat stings me, but it's tolerable. Men and women in sexy swimsuits recline on verdant grass carpets, "worshiping" the sun, a very common sight in the parks and private lawns during summer. Most people walk, stroll and go shopping in their shorts. Children play everywhere, their merry shouts resounding in the air. Birds glide overhead, others flitting, perching and chirping.

Every corner has the feel, smell and sound of summer. Every living thing is highly animated.

Sunlight dominates for twenty-four hours, sending us to sleep in the brightness of the night.

Oh what a cheerful, bright and colorful season it is! Another bliss for this joyful solitary wanderer!

More marvelous gifts of summer are on the way. More reason to be happy!