Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Last Touch

For one last time, I touched the snow that still thickly covered the ground. Spring had come and the snow had started its melting process. I tried to touch and feel it before it would completely melt out. It was so hard I could not break it with my fist. At least, I touched it. For the last time. Before I left for the tropics in April 2.

Weeks before, I was able to go skiing several times before the skiing trails would close down. And I was glad I had the chance to do it this winter-spring season.

Here are among the last sights that I was able to capture with my camera before I travelled to Philippines.

I came back three weeks after, April 25. I had expected to find our city completely cleared of snow and the trees budding out. The blanket of snow had disappeared save for those that had been stacked up in some corners. The trees were still bud-less, though the grass started to be green. The first spring flowers popped up sporadically.

Some days, the sky is lucidly blue, and not a cloud in it. At times, it showers or rains hailstones. The air is still cold, so we still wear thick jackets.

Hopefully, warmth and verdure will come in a few days. 

For now, I'm enjoying the last touch of the cold and snow patches that winter has left behind. At the same time, I'm ecstatic to watch the spring flowers that are gradually flourishing everywhere.

Soon, spring will be in full swing!