Thursday, May 9, 2013

This Day a holiday.

It's showery, wet and gloomy the whole day in contrast with the previous days when the sun was out and the sky so blue. Some started to grill yesterday for a semi-festive dinner with wine and beer or other stronger drinks.

Today, everyone seems to be home, some suffering from the depressive mood of the day. But the gloom doesn't give me the blues at all. The streets and other public places are nearly deserted. Silence prevails.

I had planned to do many things today but much remained unaccomplished. Too many distractions. At least, I have done some of the more important ones. I haven't started writing my homecoming narrative yet due to my lack of driving force. But I'll surely do it, one of these days.

I also noticed that the grasses are becoming greener and thicker, and the trees budding out. The prominent spring flowers that flourish very fast are the blue ones, like the Scilla siberica (Siberian squill) or "Spring Beauty", which grow amongst the grasses. Some tulips and crocuses have also popped up, but only sparsely. The tussilagos or coltsfoots are out too. The rest are still peeping out.

Now, as the day closes, (though the night is still bright untill around 10 p.m.), the rain shower has abated. Tiny beads of rain cling to each blade of grass - s parkling sight.

I'm also closing this short blog with the hope of a bright and sunny day tomorrow.

...and with this cheery picture from my tropical vacation.