Sunday, June 16, 2013

Lilac-Scented Days

Summer days are racing swiftly like a time-lapse video. All the flowers are coming out sequentially in an unstoppable burst, then wither away in just a few days.

At the moment, the dominant flowers are the lilacs. Auspiciously, they are lingering for quite a longer time. They stand like sentinels in most gardens, yards, fences and corners of apartment buildings, competing with one another as to which has the most blooms.

I spent some days roaming around, hunting for the most densely flowering bush. In the process, I took the time to breathe in their scents that wafted in the air. I kept sniffing until I got intoxicated by their sweetness. Ah...invigorating! Yes, lilacs are among my well-loved summer flowers.

As expected, I captured and preserved their beauty in umpteen ways. Here are some of them.

As always, I can't stop my itchy fingers from pressing my camera shutter. My eyes too were always on the lookout for some nice shrubs and bunches to shoot in different angles. In so doing, I kept drinking in their soothing fragrance and getting my senses filled with it. Another bliss.

Let the days march on with the scent of lilacs. Let their scent dance around me until the last whiff melts away. 

Let every creature bask in the beauty of the season the way our Creator has meant it to be.