Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Unexpected Encounter

On May 30, 2013, I set out for a little photo jaunt just to capture this year's summer atmosphere. I had planned to take a short-distance walk around our residential area. Later on, however, my paths led me a little farther to a place called Ängarna (the Meadow), an open field carpeted all over with grass, with a narrow creek running through it and a pond swarmed by ducks and geese. Many sportsmen often come here to play.

As I was nearing the place, I met a crowd spilling out into the sidewalks, obviously coming from the place where I was going. I got a phone call earlier that an event called Brännbollsyran was going on there, though I had no idea what to expect to see. When I got to Ängarna, I was surprised to see a multitude of young men and women wearing costumes and summer clothes, playing, picnicking, drinking and having all sorts of fun that's typical of summer festivities. So this was the Brännbollsyran festival, an annual summer event in the city of Umeå and is participated by students from different countries. Most came by bikes, which were parked around the field. 

Inevitably, I was caught in the middle of the jovial crowd. Instead of taking nature-photos, I ended up shooting candids of people that caught my interests as I walked by. I could not take nature landscapes anyway on account of the crowd swarming all over the place. Even the little pond was deserted by its regular winged summer tenants. So I just strolled around, watching, being amused and shooting.

At least, it's kind of a break from my usual nature-hunting. And it's a fine summer day filled with merry sights and sounds.