Sunday, June 23, 2013

Queen of the Meadows

They flourish like the innumerable galaxies in the universe. They form a massive cloud like a nebula that fills the void of space. Their clustered flowers are like the clusters of galaxies that swirl in close proximity with one another. Being with them is like floating through a sparkling cosmos, causing the heart brim with cosmic happiness....

Ooops...I'm rambling again in my typical extra-terrestrial language. Can't help it. Such beauty easily transports me back to my home!.... I'm drifting again.

Okay, back to earth, I'm talking about the Queen Anne's lace, anthriscus sylvestris or cow parsley, to be exact. These flowers presently predominate the meadows, roadsides and fringes of the little forests that are interspersed throughout our city. They transform an otherwise bare space to a stunning landscape. They're just awesome!

They also mingle with another flourishing occupants of the meadows, the buttercups. These little golden wildflowers have a similar charm like the cow parsleys. They lavishly blanket the meadows with the glow of a billions stars. Together they thrive in admirable harmony and subdue the ground in a delightful way.

And my heart was subdued by their queenly beauty that generated bliss.

If the "heavens are declaring the glory of God", so are these little wildflowers that He placed on earth to live with us every summer.