Saturday, June 15, 2013

Out of Weakness Comes Strength

She had never been this sick before. All she had experienced in the past were common colds, fever, flu, dysmenorrhea, headache and toothache. Nothing serious at all. She had always been physically sound, alive and kicking. Now, however, a certain sickness struck her. Not lethal, but can be risky since it requires major surgery.

She's on sick leave. The doctor signed the document. For how long, no one knows yet, though initially, the provision covers one month, from the preparation period to post-surgery. It may extend longer too, until she recovers enough strength to go back to work.

She's not scared of the surgery, she's taking it cool. It's the long wait without job that's driving her crazy. She's a woman of action, full of energy, and a hardworker. Being confined in her home sans her job is tantamount to a slothful life. It's not that she has nothing else to do at all. She has all the household chores at her disposal, apart from her divinely-ordained service, but that's not enough for her. She yearns for her secular job, which she enjoys, no matter how humble. She misses the customers she works for, particularly a family that has been endeared to her. Their kindness to her inspires her to do her job efficiently.

Another thing that makes her sigh is being sick in this best time of the year when everybody is having fun, traveling, engaging in outdoor adventures, things that she herself used to do. It's the peak of summer with its 24-hour brightness and multi-colored gifts. A few days more, and Midsummer is here. And she is imprisoned in a capsule of limited activities. She could be in some places in Europe or in her treasured natural world. She has also missed the district convention where she belongs, which is one of her yearly  highlights.

But she can tolerate such a life of involuntary "ascetism". She can live with that, for a while.

To make each of the waiting days count, she immerses herself in what she believes to be fruitful and joyful activities. Her resourcefulness in this matter keeps her away from ennui and squandered moments. She has many projects to do after all, so much that she can't decide which ones should take priority. Foremost in her mind, however, is to use whatever skills she has to strengthen, comfort and cheer up those she comes in touch with. She has always been doing that, but this time, she has much leeway to maximize her altruistic deeds.

So while dark moments engulf her and physical enervation chains her, she still has a great capacity to radiate, to empower  and to elate others. 

When she is weak, then she is powerful. (2 Corinthians 12:10)

The thought comforts her and keeps her spirited. All will be well in time.