Sunday, September 1, 2013

The First of September

I woke up this morning in a hotel somewhere in the north, not realizing that the first of September had come. It hit me later that the brr... period had started.

I was there in a small city in the northernmost province of Sweden, called Luleå, when this month opened. Here's the environment of the hotel where we stayed that night.

Then I remembered that August had slipped away and I hadn't yet accomplished all my blogging goals - to write all my blog-worthy events and thoughts that took place these past three months before the closing of August (sigh). Well, I will still write them, sooner or later. Better late than never.

Now, I just want to record how this day looks like. When we started our travel back home from the north, the sky was overcast, and it showered in some places we passed. The clouds looked menacing.

As we were approaching Umeå, the sun peered through the thin layers of cumulu-stratus clouds, its beams spilling over our city. Ah... it rained sunbeams over our place. Comforting.

But then, about an hour after our arrival, it started to rain cats and dogs. Right now, it only showers.

And this first day is soon over. 

And I have a new fantastic travel memoir to add to my yet unwritten memories. 

I will write them all as soon as I get into my stride.