Wednesday, September 18, 2013


words of suspicion and accusation                                                        
  clearly a far cry from the truth
    issuing forth from the lips
     of one beloved or cared about
       blindly, impulsively, ruthlessly
         cutting the heart of an innocent
           who wrestled in her pain alone
             eyes drowning in pools of tears
               chest tigthening
                 heart heaving in anguish
                   why, why, why?
                      she let herself be hauled
                        by the force of a whirlpool
                          swirling down in a suffocating hole
                            swallowed by gloom
                              willingly, not a whit of struggle.
                                then suddenly, inexplicably
                                  she emerged out of the whirl
                                    refined and recharged
                                      unafraid to face
                                        whatever arrows aimed at her
                                           past hurt confined to oblivion
                                             not a trace of ill feelings
                                              transcendent love has conquered
                                                she came out triumphant
                                                  ... as always.