Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Season For Outdoor Dinners

Well, the season has elapsed, but I want to keep a record of those beautiful summer evenings that allured us to have our dinners at our little back porch.

This practice of eating outdoor, that is, the veranda or patio of one's house or unit, is very common here every summer, when everyone takes advantage of the warmth and luminance of this brief season. Most residences have outdoor dining sets with umbrellas or similar canopies where families enjoy dinner together during evenings that look like midday.

These are also times when hubby is inspired to cook palatable foods and arrange them attractively. He is kind of a food connoisseur. We grilled pork and chicken, and made salads, which we ate along with wine or beer. Favorite dessert was vanilla ice cream with strawberries.

When dinners were over, we would usually laze in our chairs for a few minutes and admire the flowers that the season bestowed us through our potted plants and our small flower bed. Their presence had such a wonderful effect on our psyche.

Now, as temperature gradually goes down, outdoor dinners may come to a halt, unless we feel comfortable eating in the cold air of fall's onset. But we have had our fill of those outdoor gastronomic pleasures. Just right enough for this year's summertime.