Saturday, September 28, 2013

First Snow, 2013

The leaves haven't completely turned their fall colors yet  (in fact, green still dominates, except some aspen and maple trees), and then the first snow fell.  It came on Thursday morning, 26th of Sept., with 2 degrees C temperature, while  I was fast asleep. Regretfully, I missed it, only a wet ground left to be seen when I opened the window blinds.

The event was brought to my attention by a video post of a friend in FB, who has just recently moved to Sweden. That was her first snowfall experience and she recorded it.

Well, I'll just watch out for the second snowfall which will probably come soon, as temperature keeps dropping down. 

Meanwhile, I'm posting some of my recent fall-watch images, taken last week.

This week has been gloomy, windy and a bit rainy. Most leaves are still green, though we're undeniably well into autumn.

I'll keep my eye out for more changes. Have a fantastic weekend!