Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Ends

When I opened the window blinds this morning, my heart leapt at the sight of snow on the ground. True to the weather forecast, snow came surreptitiously last night while we were all sleeping. Not much, but enough to wrap up this last day of the year in whiteness.

this morning's snow

last Friday's snowy scenery;  the low-lying sun shone brighty as reflected on the apartments' glass windows

Since today is "nyårsafton" (new year's eve), I'm off duty, which extends until Thursday, just like last week. I can do a lot in three days, most of which concerns my divinely ordained activities. When these most important things will have been accomplished, the remaining time goes to secondary matters that I truly love to do.

So this year breathes its last today. It went on like an arrow in its flight. I'm sitting here, staring at a draft list containing the titles of the blogs that I wanted to write this year and even the previous ones, but were just put on the shelf. Each title is devoid of content at all. I'm left wondering when I could ever write them. But write them I will, that's for sure. They are also parts of my recordable treasured memories. I'll try next year, which starts tomorrow.

This year-end also reminds me how aging creeps stealthily into all of us. Sometimes, we can't believe how old we have become, or I prefer the word mature. Okay, so the flesh gets old and declines, but my heart keeps holding the fountain of youth. And I believe that when you nurture the inner child, the charm of youth radiates and manifests itself in your physique.

Yet again, this year has been filled with beautiful memories that nourished my whole being. Among other things, the yearly convention, assemblies and traveling overseer's visits are the events that have significantly rejuvenated my spiritual well-being. Then came those brief travel holidays, new friendships forged, reconnecting with good old friends who had been scattered throughout the different continents, surprising hugs, monetary and material gifts and appreciative words (like music to my soul) from customers I work for, expressions of caring appreciation for the the kind of person that I am, etc. The list just goes on and on. Sure, life is not a bed of roses, so there were also unpleasant events. But I'm not one who dwells and harps on these things.

home-baked cake from a German family I work for

super thin cookies coated with chocolates from an elderly customer as an expression of her gratitude for my service

I would like to highlight some of the memories this year that  have been enshrined in my blog. You may click on the titles to open another window and enjoy reading.

I commenced this year with this post, which lets out the true essence of keeping one's resolution and making each day count:  Keeping Up and Marching On

Scattering Sunshine re-emphasizes the creed that I'm living up to.

My best aurora sighting this year is chronicled here: Another Dance With Aurora

One of my best summer memories in the heart of nature happened By the Lakes of Storuman.

Her Moment of Truth is an engrossing true story of a woman undergoing a surgery. 

A Weekend at the National Parks is my most thrilling adventure within the perimeter of the Polar Circle.

Just as snow wrapped up the last day of this year, rain will unwrap the snowy ground to reveal the green grass on the first day of 2014, according to the weather forecast. The year will start green and rainy, which signifies hope and blessings. 

"For all the days the earth continues, seed sowing and harvest, 
and cold and heat, and summer and winter, 
and day and night, will never cease."
- Genesis 8:22

Big thanks to all of YOU who have been following my blog and YOU who have stumbled upon my webpage! I hope you've enjoyed your visits.