Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bye, Comet ISON

"Tragically, on Nov. 28, 2013, ISON's tenacious ambition outweighed its ability, and our shining green candle in the solar wind began to burn out."

So goes an obituary written by Karl Battam, an astrophysicist who had been chronicling ISON's journey toward the sun for NASA. (Source: Comet ISON is see-through, and that's not good)

In short, the comet is dead! It didn't survive its brush with the sun, according to the article HERE. We can also watch a video of it skimming past the sun in this same site.

My hopes of seeing this "Comet of the Century" have melted away. Not any more chance to see the dazzling light show when its orbital path would be closest to earth later this month. And to think that I believed I spotted it this morning over the eastern horizon while riding in the bus, and I was so excited.! Aww... not even close! Somebody also posted in our local news website a picture of  the comet that he had taken yesterday. And then, a scientist commented that it was neither a comet nor a debris. Poor guy. 

Now, I'm  reechoing Battam's concluding words: "Survived by approximately several trillion siblings, Comet ISON leaves behind an unprecedented legacy for astronomers, and the eternal gratitude of an enthralled global audience."

So, bye-bye, comet ISON. It's been fascinating and sensational to have you in our solar system even for a short while.

 C/2012 S1 as captured by TRAPPIST on 15 November 2013