Saturday, December 21, 2013

Rollercoaster Winter

They said it's a warm winter this year. "Warm" here means a little below zero to 5 plus degrees celsius. One day, the snow would fall heavily. Then another day, rain would trickle continuously and thaw away the fresh snow that has piled up. Snowy, snowless, and so on and so forth. Sort of climatic roller coaster.

It's the first winter in my life that I'm not wearing my gloves or mittens for some days, and I can walk around without putting my jacket's hood up, and no bonnet either. About minus 3 degrees C is no longer so cold for me. I often find myself wishing to re-experience something below 10 or 20 minus, which I queerly enjoy. Okay, I'm a cold-blooded extra-terrestrial creature trapped on this planet, which explains my insane fondness of cold weather. Take note though: I'm that kind of alien who has a warm heart that brims with love, joy and peace.

So, winter wonderland is going crumbly. The news that there  may not be a white Christmas this year disheartens many, but this doesn't matter to me since I don't celebrate Christmas anyway. It's a common knowledge that Jesus wasn't born in December, so there's no reason to celebrate this day. For me, everyday is special, festive and an occasion to be peaceable, loving, helpful and generous. Vit jul eller mörk jul, splelar ingen roll, as I say it in Swedish.

But a winter without snow? Or a rainy one? Unthinkable! Ridiculous as it may seem, there's nothing to do but accept it and enjoy the many other things that the season offers, as I have presented in my previous entry.  Here are more fantastic things I gathered this month.

Jupiter still hanging around with Castor and Pollux, Dec. 13

Full moon, Dec. 17, also called Oak Moon or Long Night's Moon, the only night in the month when the moon is in the sky all night long.

night after the full moon

Jupiter was getting closer to the moon (the bright dot left of the moon is Jupiter)

the meeting of the two prominent celestial luminaries in December

 moon's cosmic brilliant companion, Jupiter (upper left) in Dec. 18 


Today is the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, a day that marks our shortest daylight period and longest night of the year. The sun halts its annual southward migration, pauses briefly and then starts to travel back north and restore light to this bedarkened region of the earth. The beginning of hope for sunlight/sunshine lovers. This is also the official start of winter. Morning came with clear sky and tangerine clouds in the horizon escorting the rising sun. At -6 degrees C, the snowless ground is nonetheless coated with frost. Right now, however, the clouds have gathered again. Snow clouds?

Okay, so... while the season runs in a roller coaster mode, it's best to ride along with it and have fun in its up-and-down swing. What a thrill!

Have a wonderful Saturday!