Thursday, December 26, 2013

Bird Feeding

I mentioned before that birding is one of my several interests. I'm a birder at heart, and I wanted to join a birding club or group and go out to the field and search for different kinds of birds in this northern habitat. But these activities consume much time, and I can't put these above my higher mission. 

Happily, I can see rare and awesome birds from different places in the world through the eyes of one of my favorite bloggers here, Las Aventuras. Reading his blogs gives me the feeling that I'm also out there among the birds in the wild. I can also express my enthusiasm through his birding passion which is beautifully expressed in his posts.

Back here, I  have the pleasure of seeing these common birds flying around our residential area. But I also wanted to gather them to our back porch and see them up close. And so, hubby and I bought a bird feeder and a small sack of seeds last fall to feed the birds in winter, since the snow-covered land would make it hard for them to find food. 

It turned out that we have a warm and green winter this year, and the birds have no need to seek food and shelter here, except a few who have their nests close to us. So, these days, we're not filling our feeder with seeds yet until the snow would come for good this season. 

Last fall, however, we tested the new feeder we bought by filling it with seeds. As anticipated, lots of birds came, mostly sparrows, great tits, magpies and  crows. I hoped to see the finches too but not one came at all. Anyway, it feels good to see these common birds feasting on the seeds.

Hopefully, much snow will come these coming months and send the birds to us. Meanwhile, our feeder hangs under the winter sky, eagerly waiting to be of service to the winter birds that are trying to survive.

"Observe intently the birds of heaven;
they do not sow seed or reap or gather into storehouses,
yet your heavenly Father feeds them. 
Are you not worth more than they are?"
- Matthew 6:26