Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snow Finally!

Alas, November was coming to its close and yet, not a patch of snow lay on the ground of this place called snow wonderland! October gave us a few days of little snow which had melted away as soon as they fell. But those were  autumn snowfall. 

Since then, frosts covered the land. Every blade of grass had been coated with ice crystals. Beautiful nevertheless.

Then just as November's last day began to fade away, voila!, the snow came. The very first winter snow, which lasted through the night. 

The first of December arrived wearing an immaculately white cloak. The light from the snow slightly conquered the dominating murkiness of hibernal days. The snowy landscapes and rooftops have prevailed thereafter while snow falls some few hours in a day. 

Many are overjoyed that snow came finally. Kids begin to take out their "pulka" to glide around. Soon, we'll be able to ski again. And I'll be feasting my eyes on the snowy landscapes and sparkling snowflakes.

Hopefully, the snow is here to stay for good this winter and a lot more will be falling.

For now, I say goodbye to frosty grasses and fallen leaves, though I know that they're always there resting under the blanket of snow.

More inspirations and amazing things are coming my way!