Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ahh...The Joys of Picking!

Last week, we again made a trip to the woods to check for cantarell mushrooms. We searched through the vast forest but found only a few. Apparently, it was too early to go there, because normally, there are clusters of chanterelles scattered throughout the forest, especially after the rains. Maybe two weeks more and they would all pop out. 

wooden pathway to the forest

searching for chantarelles

chanterelle mushrooms

chanterelle's underside designs

After prowling some parts of the woods and picking just enough for our dinner that night, we dropped by some wild raspberry fields and picked their ripe fruits. Not so much also, but enough to pick until we got tired.

wild raspberries

Well, the good thing about these activities is that of being out there in nature. It's not about how much we can pick but how much we enjoy picking, roving about, treading on the mosses and broken twigs, walking among the trees, smelling the fresh scent of the forests, photographing some interesting flora, etc. 

The act of picking itself brings much joy. But being close to nature redoubles such joy. And our joy was heightened that night when we had a tasty mushroom dinner and ice cream topped with fresh raspberries for dessert.