Saturday, August 14, 2010

Deer Sightings Along the Way

One summer day as we traveled around the countryside, a distant brown object made us turn our heads. We looked at it carefully. Was it a deer or what? We could not determine since only the upper part of the body was visible, the rest being hidden by the tall grass. I took out my camera and tried to zoom in but I couldn't really get a clear shot of it. As soon as my camera clicked, it whisked away into the forest where it apparently came from. The way it moved, it could be a deer.

And here's another sighting while on our way back from our trek to the "fjällen" - a couple of reindeers, apparently a mother and her calf. They were about to cross the road as we drove along, and we slowed down to let them pass. But they seemed scared and just stood there motionless and stared at us warily. Then the mother started to move slowly toward the other side of the road while the calf lagged behind in fear. This slow motion afforded me the chance to take this shot.

These are my first deer sightings so far. I'm still looking forward to seeing more of them, especially a whole herd of reindeers crossing the road, and to take real good pictures of them.