Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Amazingly Tiny

Since I moved to this country, I've been discovering flowers that I've never seen in my homeland. Many that I've seen only in pictures are not really as big as I had thought them to be. I'm often amazed at the sight of how tiny a flower that seemed big can be. And I keep discovering other kinds that  I've never known before.

I just find them out accidentally. Like whenever I walk, and I see interspersed among the grasses some white dots that don't seem to have any design at all. But after an up-close scrutiny, I realize that they are tiny flowers with amazing designs.

Here are some examples that I photographed.

the eyebright weeds

These look like forget-me-not but each flower is as tiny as each petal of forget-me-not

pink weeds, don't know the name  too


tiny white weeds, less than 1/2 inch


Such meticulous designs in tiny things speak about how much love and care our Creator has put in them and how unfathomable his wisdom is. And if these tiny things deserve all his love and care, how much more so with us humans whom he created in his image?