Friday, August 20, 2010

My First Blueberry Pie

In a country where blueberries don't grow, one may have never heard of blueberry or baked a blueberry pie, let alone tasted it. There are a few expensive bakeshops that sell blueberry pies or blueberry cheesecakes, but they use imported bottled blueberry jams, which only the affluent consumers can afford to buy. The majority of the population is not aware of the existence of blueberries.

I have read so much about blueberries and even tasted a blueberry cheesecake. I have seen bottled jams in big supermarkets. But they meant so little for me then. Now that I'm living in another country where blueberries grow abundantly, I have come to appreciate these little berries and have experienced the pleasure of picking them myself.

And of course, with  much fruits that we have gathered from the open field, I have had the chance to bake my own blueberry pie. I used the fresh blueberries that we have picked that same day. My hubby helped me up with the recipe, but I actually did the baking.

blueberry pie, ready for baking

It went well, and I felt exultant over my first blueberry pie. It tasted good, the best that I have ever tasted (hehehe...). We had it for dessert along with vanilla ice cream. A blend of warm and cold....mmm.....

blueberry pie, ready for eating

The taste of it was novel to me and it appealed to my palate.  And so the following day, I gave in to my urge to bake another pie. And with all those berries that we have picked and frozen, I can make more pies, and probably muffins, in the future.