Monday, August 30, 2010

Showers of Blessings

It's been raining for over a week now, but not the kind of rain that we have in the Philippines, which is so strong and destructive. Here, it's only a gentle shower that is just enough to saturate the ground and rejuvenates the vegetation. One can go out without an umbrella at all and will not be drenched, except when the rain is a little more than a shower.

The sky is thick with rain clouds and the ground is wet but not flooded at all. And yet, amid such gloomy atmosphere, some wonderful things are in the making. 

The ground that has been parched by the summer heat came to life after drinking in the summer rain. The grasses that had been withered by the sun are being replaced by young offshoots that once again carpet the landscapes with fine blades in their verdant splendor.

The mushrooms too are breaking out through the thick mosses that blanket the forests, providing delicious foods for the mushroom lovers. 

They also thrive in groups under the trees lining the roadsides or pathways.

The leaves of trees glisten as the rain clings to them,  transforming them into silver beauty. 

Tiny raindrops perch on or around the leaves like strings of crystals. 

Others dangle from the tips of the leaves or from under them like teardrops that reflect the objects behind them.

And yes, all the lovely flowers are aglow with the rain's refreshing touch while the twigs of trees mirthfully sway with the rhythm of the wind. Everything is alive and dancing with the music of the rain.

Ahhh....blessings keep on showering!