Friday, July 25, 2014

Next Stop-over: Malmö

(3rd sequel to my summer holiday account; since I have lots of flower photos here, I'm linking this with Today's Flowers)

We headed down to Malmö the morning of 16th through the Vättern coastline highway down to Helsingborg, then to Malmö. This was my second time to be in this country's 3rd largest city located in the southernmost province of the country, Skåne. My first visit is recorded here: Flying South ... to My Dream Fields

on the way to Helsingborg
a fortress in Helsingborg
and a bank

Malmö's twisted building

This was only a two-night stop-over, just to take it easy before launching forth on a formidable drive through the European super highway. Once again, we stayed in the house of hubby's older brother who lives alone in that cute house and therefore was so excited to have us there. This time, though, we didn't go around sightseeing but just stayed home and relaxed. "Relax" for me means walking around the vicinity in search of diverse flowers blooming in every garden and lawn, then preserving their colors and lustre through my camera.

Walking some few meters from my brother-in-law's house, I could see an awesome view of the renowned Öresund bridge which connects Sweden to Denmark.  This bridge has bedazzled me ever since I laid eyes on it, and my fascination with it has never worn off. Intially, I didn't know that it terminates right in the midst of the Öresund Strait leading to nowhere. I personally noticed this while we were up in a plane that was about to touch down, which kept me wondering. I found out later that from that truncated point over the sea, the passage stretches out as an underwater tunnel to Copenhagen. Ok, "mystery" solved! This time again, I stood there, letting the same unspeakable trance wash over my whole being.

Öresundbron, view from Denmark side (photo borrowed from google images)

We did go out one afternoon to an "African safari" park roamed by animals made of cement. Hubby's brother thought we were bored being in his house the whole day (but I was not), so he took us there, dropping by some spots to look at things.

Departure day finally arrived, 18th of June. We travelled down to Trelleborg and boarded a RORO (roll-on/roll off) passenger ferry bound for Sassnitz, Germany. Standing on the deck of the ferry looking  out towards the harbor, I said a silent farewell to Sweden. For a time. Then I watched the waterfront diminish until it faded away.

rolling our car on the ferry

The ferry had over four hours to sail across the Baltic Sea to the German island of Rugen. Four hours to lounge away amidst the torquoise sea.

Coming up: beaches, lighthouses, ambers, etc.

Polish figurines from my brother-in-law's house