Saturday, July 5, 2014

Under The Apple Blossoms

I know they have all withered away, but I want to keep a memory of their days of glory. It was early summer when all the apple trees in the whole city were profused with blossoms, the sight of them made me wild with rapture. To echo a friend's description, the floral denseness is the closest thing to sakura, or cherry blossoms, which are the world's most loved blooming trees. 

I have never seen them in such profusion in all my past 4 summers since I came here. As I walked or traveled around the city, each tree that came into sight never failed to magnetise my eyes and keep me spellbound.

Some days, I would roam through a neighborhood and sneakily take snapshots of all the blooming trees in each homeowner's yard. I knew some of them noticed me but they seemed glad that somebody admired and took pictures of their lovely trees. Like a ravenous photo-freak that I am, I just kept on shooting, never getting enough of all possible angles that my eyes sought.

In such moments, I felt immersed in a universe densed with clusters of galaxies, each apple blossom a star, each bunch a galaxy, and each tree a cluster of galaxies. It's a kind of universe that is saturated with a sweet scent that floated around me and intoxicated my senses in a delightful way.

Aside from the apple trees, I also had an eye of adoration for the bird cherry trees and the rowans, which also bloomed richly. And I want to include them here.

It's amazing how such common things that others take for granted can redouble my joys and put me in elevated spirits. As I have often stressed, it's all a matter of how we see things and how much we let them affect us in a wonderful way. And sure, these too are some of the gifts of God that make us enjoy living now while waiting for the grand fulfillment of his promise of a real global Paradise where he will satisfy the desires of our hearts.

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