Sunday, July 13, 2014

Regional Convention 2014

June 11 was the start of my work leave which would last until the 4th of July. That morning, hubby and I began our long journey to the south. The foremost event in this particular "holiday" journey was our annual summer convention held in Västerås, a 7 to 8-hour ride by car from our city.

Västerås' landmark

Exhaustion from the long trip made us stop by a municipality called Hedesunda and passed the night in a camping site where we rented a cottage. I think this is one of the snuggest camping sites we've ever been. It's also close to the lake.

our cottage

lake in the camping area

hiking trail along the lake

moon that night

The following morning, we moved on to our main destination, which was just about an hour away. We checked in to our pre-booked cottage along the lake.

our cottage

lake to the left and our cottage to the right

Our regional convention for this year is entitled Keep Seeking First God's Kingdom, based on Matthew 6:33. The emphasis is on putting the doing of God's will first in  our lives, which involves helping all people to learn about our loving Almighty God and Father and about his wonderful purpose for mankind so that they will have a better life now and in the promised new world. Whatever we do, we must always be mindful to do it for the sake of God's Kingdom. This means living a simple life, being contented with having the basic necessities of life. It's important to note that the Bible verse has an additional assurance: "and all these other things will be added to you." Yes, if we make God's Kingdom foremost in our lives, we will never lack anything, for God himself will see to it that we are well provided with what we need to sustain our present life. The real life is eternity in the future new paradisaic world which awaits those who treasure up spiritual things ahead of the perishable material things in this corroding system of things.

This convention consists of the usual talks, interviews, dramas, dramatic Bible readings, symposiums, new publication releases and demonstrations. New convention features are the several video clips and the Bible drama on screen produced a la stage play.

It's an amazingly historical convention and highly reinvigorating! I wish everyone could attend to experience the kind of joy and enlightenment that the majority of the world have never felt in their lives. After all, this convention is being held all over the world in many languages. Many of these conventions will host international delegates and missionaries from around the globe. This link shows how to find convention locations: Find a Location Near You

At the end of the third day of the convention, we proceeded right away on our trip down south, with Malmö as the target destination. But since it would take another 8 hours or so to get there, we have to stop again at a camping site in Vadstena to spend the night. This was our second time to stay in this place. We hired a cottage this time too since it would take much work to set up the tent that we brought and then dismantle again the following morning.

Vadstena Camping

our rented cottage

dining room in the camping's service building

toilets and baths section

Next episode in this series will cover our stay in Malmö, Skåne. 

Here are a few of the hundreds of pictures I've taken from our camping in Hedesunda, Västerås and Vadstena.

Have a fantastic Sunday!