Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Night of the Supermoon 2014

At first, I wasn't aware of the upcoming supermoon. Somehow, I've missed the news. I just went on with my usual habit of checking out the development of the waxing gibbous. And sure, I took pictures too.

On July 11, I read a blog about it and thought that the moon that night was the supermoon. My, I had taken pictures of it sans knowing that it was the supermoon. Later on, though, I read the official news that the real one would appear on July 12. Good, I still had the chance to view it.

The afternoon of July 12 turned cloudy, which thickened in the evening. As the gray clouds thickened in, my hopes of seeing the supermoon thinned out. As the night went deeper, though, the clouds began to clear away. And then I saw this vertical splash of rainbow which gradually lengthened to form a whole arc across the sky. It was like watching an invisible hand painting this piece of art on a gray canvas of sky. Ah, the hand of the Greatest Artist!

After about an hour, the sapphire sky emerged, revealing a warmly glowing face that smiled beautifully. Finally, the supermoon!

What a marvelous night! Glory and honor to our Creator!

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