Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our Share of the Summer Holidays

Summer. Popular holiday season. It’s a time when almost everybody (in this part of the world, for sure) takes some weeks off the work and travels somewhere to get away from the humdrums of daily life and enjoy peace by re-bonding with nature or lazing  on some sun-drenched beaches;  or see new places and immerse oneself in the vivacity of other cities.

The pivotal point of our summer holiday was the annual summer convention, which was recently renamed regional convention.  This event has always been the highlight of the year,  which serves to strengthen our spiritual well-being.  Since the English convention for the whole Scandinavia was held in Västerås, Sweden, we had to travel the distance  of more than 600 km. to attend. And since we had to travel this far anyway, we thought it best to use this opportunity to travel down south for this year's holiday.

venue of our convention

This journey was to be the acid test for our newly-purchased car, whether it could survive the road-burning across the distance of almost as half as the continent of Europe, approximately over 5,000 km. from our city, that is north of Sweden, down to the southernmost part of Poland, including the ins and outs of some tourist attractions, and back home. And it did hold out all the way until we came back safe and sound. Its "virgin voyage" in our hands was a triumph.

over-all map of our journey

I'm going to split my travel journal into several blog entries to avoid the tediously long narrative of an entire summer vacation. 

This is just a prologue. Before getting right to my travel blog, I still have one blog to write about, the beauty of which I don't want to just tuck away in a corner and gather dusts, cobwebs and spider webs. This will be my next post.

one night stop-over in a camping site along the way

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